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Analyst Reports

    Canaccord-Returning to yield  
    Canaccord - Twice Cash Backed  
    Canaccord - Mayoko Royalty Gets Closer  
    Canaccord - Show CFE the Money  
    Investec - Iron Ore Sector Comment  
    Canaccord - MCC Cops A Singapore Sling  
    Canaccord - Sum of the parts is greater than the whole  
    Proactive Investors – Environmental nod for Marampa  
    Update - Foster - Marampa Scoping Study  
    Research Report - RCR 13 July 2012  
    Update – Foster – Amended tax assessment  
    Research Report – Foster 11 January 2012  
Over $100m from asset realisations at Sapes and AKI  
    Research Report – Patersons 7 December 2011  
Chalking up a much needed win
    Research Report - Foster 28 October 2011  
African Asset Incubator  
    Research Report - RCR 27 September 2011  
    Research Report - RCR 28 March 2011  

    Asset Incubation in Africa & Beyond - Patersons  
    Shareholders Info Evening, 01/09/10, hosted by DJ Carmichael  
    Carmichael Research - CFE Buy Recommendation AUD$0.80  
    Lodge Partners Research - CFE Buy Recommendation AUD$0.58  
    Fat Prophets Analyst Research - 05 May 2010  
    Lodge Partners Research - CFE buy recommendation AUD$0.66  
    Fat Prophets Analyst Research - March 2010  
    Mirabaud Mining Weekly  
    CFE Adding Value to Early Stage Projects  
    Mirabaud Mining Weekly  
    CFE Site Visit and Initial Review  
    Corporate Research Update  
    Corporate Research Update